You can achieve this with regular relaxation.
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Strength training:

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Can-Fit Pro Certified Professional Training Specialist

200hr. Sivananda International Yoga Teacher Training

BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor

First Aid and CPR-D

Stretch Therapy Workshop 2009

Yoga Intensive 2009

Exercise and Sport Psychology Certificate 2012

Start training … Start seeing results

You know the reasons why you should exercise and eat responsibly, but a ‘should’ is never enough.

You’ve got to want it.

If you’re the kind of person who lives life to the fullest, but your health is not at the same level then it’s time to delegate!

I’ll take care of the training: test where you're at, develop programs, hold you accountable, bring encouragement and motivation. You follow the program: train consistently, see results, feel fantastic!

One more element of your life in alignment with your goals. It’s as simple (and important) as that.

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